The Intonational System of Azerbaijani Modes: a Study with the Use of Computer Technologies

Keywords: the art of music, ethnomusicology, synesthesia of the arts, fuzzy logic, knowledge base, music computer technologies


The perception of Azerbaijani frets when performed on evenly tempered instruments is based on the property of human consciousness to generalize different phenomena, recognizing their common meaning. Azerbaijani frets form a stable image in consciousness, and the pitch of the 12-step uniform temperament completely determines the individuality of the frets and their differentiation. Acoustic measurements related to the pitch intonation of Azerbaijani music (both traditional and compositional), with the study of their microintonation schemes, as well as the timbre characteristics of Azerbaijani folk instruments have so far remained out of the field of view of researchers and have not been the subject of special study. The article deals with issues related to the intonation system of Azerbaijani frets, with their existence in contemporary musical culture, cites the field of cognitive musicology, which allows us to present the intonation system of Azerbaijani frets in the form of a cognitive structure, which has significant prospects for their implementation in the field of contemporary musical research with the involvement of music computer technologies. A particularly important aspect is associated with an adequate representation of the range of problems under consideration in the system of contemporary musical education, which is also possible and very productive when using modern music computer technologies. 

Author Biographies

Imina G. Aliyeva, Baku Academy of Music named after U. Hajibayli

Ph.D. (Arts), Leading Researcher of the Laboratory “Research of Azerbaijani Professional Music of the Oral Tradition and its New Directions: Organology and Acoustics”

Irina B. Gorbunova, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

Dr.Sci. (Pedagogical), Chief Researcher of the Education and Methods Laboratory of Music Computer Technologies; Professor at the Department of Informatization of Education

Computer Technologies in the Educational Milieu