Workshops in the Higher Educational Institution Course “Methodology of Musicological Research”

Keywords: workshops, student musicologists, methodological analysis of scholarly texts, criteria of value of musicological research, final qualification thesis, abstract of dissertations.


“Methodology of musicology research”
refers to an insufficiently developed higher
educational institution discipline studied
by musicology students from the advanced
courses (major field of studies). The purpose
of the article is to examine the relevant
and largely innovative forms of practical
development of the course, which corresponds
to the content of the curriculum drawn
up by the author. The focus of our attention
is on three types of workshops held as part
of seminars: 1) methodological analysis
of specific musicological theories,
2) preparation by the students
of the methodological subsection of the final
qualification thesis, 3) the work of studying
the introductory sections of monographs
and abstracts of dissertations
for the degree of Candidate of Arts (analysis
of the methodological position).
Organization of these workshops makes it
possible for students to enrich their knowledge
with existent and new informational sources,
to develop their skills in working with
scholarly texts, revealing their methodological
component, to comprehend the significance
of the approaches and methods used
in studying and writing academic works
of different genres, to adapt the methodology
of scholarly research for professional activities
in the field of scholarship, education,
and enlightenment. Thereby, it becomes
possible to increase the competence of future specialists in various types of activities
in the field of musical scholarship,
art and culture.

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