Attributive Indications of Characters and Protagonists of Comic Operas in the Thematicism of Mozart’s Clavier Sonatas

  • Yana Yu. Danilova Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov, Laboratory of Musical Semantics
Keywords: Mozart, clavier sonatas, images of comic operas, theatrical dialogue in a sonata.


Many instrumental works by 17th
and 18th century composers are generated,
as it is well known, on the principle
of the atricalization of the plots which
demonstrates the characters and protagonists
of opera works, various “migrating plotlines,”
dramatic and comic situations generated
in theatrical and opera works. In Mozart’s
clavier sonatas it frequently becomes possible
to discern the musical manifestation of typical
indications of characteristic images, as well
as the migrating comic opera attributes
connected with them. This type of plotline
organization of the piano musical text may
be labeled as theatrical.
The article is aimed at analyzing the signs
of migrating operatic characters
and protagonists, stage settings, dialogues
and polylogues, and at times entire theatrical
acts, consisting of several alternating scenes
demonstrating the appearance of the semantic
situation of “a text within a text.” Within
the scope of a clavier composition this
manifests itself in the form of a theatrical
dialogue containing signs of verbal actions
and motional plastic arts.

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