Calligraphy as an Instrument of Development of the Designer’s Project-Oriented Thought

Keywords: calligraphy, project-oriented thought, design.


A project-oriented type of thought is very
important for the profession of a designer.
The article describes project-oriented thought
as the chief element of its activity. Students
studying design constantly polish their skills
in practice when creating tutorial design
projects and thereby develop project-oriented
thought. Academic disciplines of the artistic
cycle are directed at the development of
project-oriented thought, and they include
such an academic discipline as calligraphy.
Knowledge, proficiency and skills developed
by calligraphy are revealed by means of
research. The article produces a complex
structure of project-oriented thought based on
Siegfried Begenau’s work and an analogy from
the perspective of mastering calligraphy. On
the basis of this analogy lies the principle of
creation of a calligraphic work, from the idea
to its realization. Study of calligraphic rules of
writing develops manual dexterity, creativity
and imagination and provides discipline,
which is an important trait of the designer’s
profession. Perfection of calligraphic elements
and fonts in practice becomes conducive to
elaboration of project-oriented thought. The
conclusion is also arrived at that projectoriented
thought is developed among designers
faster after they undergo studies of a basic
course of calligraphy.

Book Culture and Design