Concerning the Question of Education and Pedagogical Activity in Russian Culture. Theoretical and Practical Research

Keywords: education, pedagogy, pedagogical paradigms, instruction, direction of training


The transformational processes in contemporary Russian culture have been conducive to changing the worldviews of young people, their values, essential meanings of being and attitude to institutions. And although the requirements dictated by the contemporary world towards future professionals make it necessary to receive an education, including a higher education for successful personal realization of one’s potentials in the present-day conditions of Russian market economy, nevertheless, the attitude towards this sociocultural form is changing today. It is this fact that contributes to the need for studying the features of educational activity and attitudes of contemporary young people towards it. A proficient higher education not only provides training of qualified personnel, but also contributes to the high position of the country at a world level. At the same time, the value and originality of modern education should be defined not only by the pedagogical technologies applied, but also taking into account the economic, political and sociocultural transformations taking place in the country. After all, it is they that determine the direction of personal development and the inclinations of young people. Moreover, in educational activities it is impossible to ignore the educational function that contributes to the formation of a highly moral and spiritually developed personality of a future professional who observes the norms of behavioral morality both in business and in everyday life. Specialists in the field of education should remember that not only the educational, but also the instructional functions of their activities contribute to the formation of personality, which is why it is necessary to include personality-oriented learning in educational and instructional activities. At this stage of the research, we focus our decisive attention on the instructional function of education. The applied research was devoted to identifying what the students evaluate as the strengths and weaknesses in the activities of the Department of Design and Technologies in the process of implementing a number of directions in undergraduate education. 

Russian Education in the Context of Culture