Media and Interactivity as a Factor in the Professional Development of a Pedagogue in the Modern Computer Educational Environment

Keywords: мedia activity, interactivity, pedagogue-musician, music technologies, media environment, media literacy, informational technologies, Moodle, Moodle Music, educational environment, new educational creative environment


This work is devoted to analysis of the contemporary state of the educational milieu and the new qualities of the pedagogue-musician providing relevance in the pedagogical space for him. We relate media and interactivity to such qualities. These conceptions are highlighted in the article, and accentuation is made of the commonality of systems and methods of receiving informational competence on the part of the pedagogue-musician who received any level of education. The authors of the present research work analyze their own experience in the system of distanced education Moodle and Moodle Music from the point of view of actualizing educational technologies. The new technologies integrate to a greater degree into the system of traditional education. Upscaling the overall culture of the media-informational content and communication of a new type, the swiftest inclusion of pedagogues into this process is viewed as a source of transformation and optimization of a new value oriented content which is necessary to be formed by professional musicians. Mention is made of the impossibility of the entire substitution of the personal pedagogical communication with the pupil, moreover, for musicians, where the emphasis is traditionally made on individual lessons. But, wherever it is possible, it is important not to deny the realities of our time and to become involved in the mastery of contemporary informational and computer-music technologies, to adapt to contemporary realities, to upscale their level of media-informational culture and their auditorium, to diminish the gap between innovations based on broad usage of new informational educational technologies, on the one hand, and traditional music pedagogy, on the other hand.

Author Biographies

Svetlana V. Mezentseva, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department of Art,
Senior Research Associate of the Educational-Methodological Laboratory of Music Computer Technologies

Irina O. Tovpich, 2“Muzyka” Secondary School No. 8 with Concentration on the Study of Musical Subjects

Director of the “Muzyka” Secondary School No. 8 with Concentration on the Study of Musical Subjects

Computer Technologies in the Educational Milieu