Visual Didactic Regulations of Teaching Music in the Secondary School

Keywords: modeling, knowledge model, visualization, cognitive visualization, educational technology, didactic visual means, didactic image, regulative, navigation action, musical-theoretical concept the regulators


The article presents an approach towards organizing the interaction between the participants of the educational process on the basis of cognitive visualization. The reader is offered the task of becoming acquainted with the didactic technology of visualizing the elements of the content of education and the formation of methods of tutorial actions in the field of musical education for school children. The scholarlyexperimental work made it possible to arrive at the conclusion that the laws of didactic cognitive visualizations and visual thinking subservient to the general laws of knowledge make a considerable impact on the organization and regulation of cognitive activities in the sphere of musical education in school. The effectivity of didactic visualization in the pedagogical process is demonstrated in the systematization of knowledge and improvement of quality of interaction between the pedagogues and the pupils, in the development of verbal (speech) thinking, psycho-physical and personal qualities (self-regulation, reflection, etc.) As a result of the positive results of experimental work in the sphere of technologic development the assertion was formed: in order to carry out cognitive actions, the navigation, support and regulating of the activities of the subjects of the pedagogical process it is necessary to implement didactic means – visual regulative models.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop