Matrix of Spiritual Values of Works in Honor of the Hero (to the 800th Anniversary of the birth of Alexander Nevsky)

Keywords: Alexander Nevsky, the matrix of the spiritual values of the Russian people, artistic heritage in honor of the hero


The article offers a culturological analysis of the substantive basis of some of the most important works created in honor of Alexander Nevsky. The matrix of the spiritual values of the Russian people, read in them by the author, makes it possible to consciously rely on the cultural heritage in honor of one of the heroes of Russian history. Formed by means of an intuitive creative impulse by different masters, the objective laws of the creative process underpin the basic civilizational Russian values: honor, conscience, justice. The purpose of the article: to identify the artistic means that contribute to the transmission of these values. The object of research is works of fine art, znamenny chants, samples of literary and compositional activity. The author did not set himself the task of including the entire historiography of the artistic embodiment of the image of Alexander Nevsky, but merely tried to emphasize one of the possible patterns of preserving the cultural memory about the hero through those works in which the masters manage to inherit the matrix of spiritual Russian values.

Dialogue of Culture

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