Tibetan Culture of the Yellow River Basin in the Work of Contemporary Chinese Artists

Keywords: Yellow River basin, Tibetan culture, modern China painting.


The Tibetan regions at the source
of the Yellow River have recently become
a new platform for painters which made
it possible to convey the spirit, rituals,
and national costumes of the people. Artists
of the 21st century reflect the humanistic
beauty of the customs of the people of Tibet,
their religious Buddhist beliefs, the values
of the people living at the source of the main
river of China. The authors analyze the colorful
palette and other artistic means which allow
such masters in China as Yang Feiyun,
Lu Qinglong, Yu Xiaodong, Liu Xiaodong
convey the world perception of the Tibetan
people, their harmonious coexistence with
the harsh nature of the region.

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