About the Development of Artistry in Elementary School Pupils in a Guitar Class

Keywords: artistry, teaching artistry in a guitar class, Konstantin Stanislavsky and the instruction of the performing musician.


The article dwells upon the necessity
of forming artistic qualities in elementary
school pupils during the process of teaching
performance mastery. The preparation
of future performing musicians must be
carried out in the context of a theatrical
rendition of the performing profession,
with the inclusion of elements of vocational
psychology. The artistry of the pupils
of children’s music schools must
be developed inseparably from the process
itself of development of performance skills
and the skills of reading the musical text
and performance technique, otherwise
the development artistry acquires an accidental
character and is subordinated, albeit, being
an inseparable part of a successful concert
An analysis of performance working
programs in children’s music schools
for pupils with a professional inclination
shows a lack of a goal-directed systematic
work with the pupil in forming artistry
as a professionally significant quality, whereas
the brightest indicator of creative development
is particularly artistry. The discipline
of pedagogy recognizes this necessity, but the latter is not realized
in the conditions of teaching practice.
The overcoming of this contradiction
is possible by means of the pupils’
familiarization with artistic techniques
and stage organization. The article
proposes examples of special
exercises directed at the development
of artistry and creative
imagination of elementary
level guitarists.

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