About the Educational-Pedagogical Work of the Moscow Conservatory in the Pre-Revolutionary Period

Keywords: Imperial Russian Musical Society, the Moscow Conservatory, musical educational activities.


The educational activities of the Imperial
Russian Musical Society (IRMS) were of
indelible significance in the formation of the
Russian musical enlightening and educational
system. The Moscow Conservatory became one
of the greatest achievements of the IRMS, since
it concentrated in its image — its spiritual and
artistic orientations, administrative and tutorial
structure, and pedagogical — the characteristic
particularities the development of which
subsequently consolidated and elevated its
significance in music history.
The article examines the questions of the
establishment of the tutorial-pedagogical work
of the Moscow Conservatory during the prerevolutionary
period: the formation of the
managerial apparatus, its evolution (depending
on the quantity of students), a perception is
provided about the makeup of the pedagogical
The peculiarities of the pre-revolutionary
organization of tutorial courses of the
Conservatory are briefly illuminated as being
accessible (for involvement in it at any stage)
and as being compound, comprised of several
interconnected steps: from the elementary to
the artisanal-professional and to the advanced level. The latter also provided the possibilities
to acquire indispensable knowledge in the
humanitarian sphere for those to wished it.
On the example of the Moscow Conservatory
the achievements of the educational
achievements of the IRMS are demonstrated,
which during the Soviet period led to the threelevel
system of national musical education in
Russia (school — college — higher educational
institution), which exists up to the present day.

Russian Education in the Context of Culture