The Zhostovo Floral Design: Workshops in the Development of Children’s Artistry and Conversatio

Keywords: decorative and applied arts in education and upbringing, creative development, Russian folk design, Zhostovo floral design.


The workshop is aimed at enhancing
children’s development of artistic aesthetics
and verbal skills. Acquaintance with one
of the famous types of Russian folk designs —
the Zhostovskiy podnos [Zhostovo floral design
on metal lacquer trays] — takes place with
the help of creative assignments, playing
exercises, readings of stories and engaging
in craftwork. During the training sessions
the children receive not only new knowledge,
but also the elementary skills of discourse
about the object of art. The tutorial materials
are accompanied by colorful illustrations.
The workshop is aimed at cooperative studying
workshops of either teachers or parents
with children.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop