Interview with Composer Diego Sánchez Haase


ICONI Magazine is proud to present an
interview conducted by Dr. Edward
Green, professor at the Manhattan School
of Music, with Maestro Diego Sánchez
Haase, the most distinguished musician yet
produced by the nation of Paraguay. First
and foremost a composer, with works in
many different genres, Haase is likewise a
major orchestral conductor, and a powerful
advocate for the music of Bach. This interview
includes discussion of his operas Pancha
y Elisa (2018) and Ñomongeta (2019) —
each rooted in the history and culture of
Paraguay: the latter opera being the first
ever to have its libretto in Guarani — the
language of its indigenous population. (It is
one of the two official languages of Paraguay;
the other being Spanish.) In this interview is
also substantial discussion of Haaseʼs study
of Bach with Helmut Rilling, and of two
operas Maestro Haase is currently creating,
including one based on the Bibleʼs “Song of

Contemporary Composer