The Opera “Victory over the Sun” as the Crucial Artistic Event of Malevich’s School (UNOVIS)

Keywords: Malevich, UNOVIS, Vitebsk school, futurist opera, “Victory over the Sun” by Kazimir Malevich.


February 2020 will mark the centennial of
the UNOVIs, the school of Malevich, the Vitebsk
association of the Asserters of New Art, a unique
attempt of collective artistic thinking. They
were bellicose in their arrow-headed motion,
in its aggressive stance, in its effectual rhythm,
in following the program, in their possession of
young arms – the energy of sincere faith. The
evening of February 6, 1920 featured a crucial
event in the transformation of the Vitebsk
artistic school, a significant subject in its history
and, most importantly, the meaning-bearing
phenomenon in absorbing the Vitebsk artistic
milieu. The author of the article examines the
creation of the Vitebsk version of the futurist
opera “Victory over the Sun” as a starting position
of creature of a new form of artistic association,
as well as the forms of Kazimir Malevich’s initial
actions in Vitebsk, as an assertion of the center
of an entire system of formation, direction and
artistic utterance.

Music and Painting

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