The Technology of Mind Maps in Instruction of Performance of Techniques of Playing the Balalaika

Keywords: strumming as a technique of playing the balalaika, muscular tension, the mind maps in musical instruction.


The relevance of this work is determined
by the insufficient attention to the problem
of muscular tension in the methodologies
of instruction of playing the balalaika
for the beginning school age. The interest
in this subject is confirmed by a list of works
by authors from Russia and from other countries
in which attention is drawn to the issues
of professional ailments of musicians
and students of musical educational institutions.
For the sake of perfecting the methodology
of instruction, the article contains the suggestion
of application of the technology of mind maps.
As a result, a system perception of this issue
of performance is received in which
the interaction of the performer’s body, hands
and legs with the indication of possible incorrect
motions, which in their turn stipulate
the appearance of muscular tension.
The results of the analysis of one of the most
important techniques of playing the balalaika —
strumming — is presented in great detail
in the form of mind maps. Conclusions are
arrived at about the prospects of applying
the technology of mind maps upon instruction
of playing the balalaika.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop