Musicological Issues in the Research Works of Mikhail Kondratiev

Keywords: musicologist Mikhail Kondratiev, Chuvash musicology, regional ethnomusicology, the art of traditional and professional music, the Volga-Urals musical civilization.


Musicologist Mikhail G. Kondratiev is known
in the scholarly circles of Russia as the author
of over five hundred publications, as well
as a number of monographs. In his research
of Chuvash folk music, he developed
an original methodology and brought
numerous categories into scholarly circulation
of Chuvash and regional musicology,
such as quantitative rhythm, aphoristic song
plot line, musical dialects, polysyllabic form
and the Volga-Urals musical civilization.
The monographs and articles devoted
to professional art examine the musical
legacy of the Chuvash composers of various
generations — from the founders
to contemporaries, and elaborate on questions
of style, genre, form, thematicism and musical
language. Mikhail Kondratiev is not only
an authoritative scholar, but also the creator
of the academic school of Chuvash musicology.
The author of the article presents the main
problem range of his research, also touching
upon pedagogical and social activities,
along with the scholarly component.

The Art of Music