An Interview with Austrian Composer Werner Schulze

Keywords: Werner Schultze, composer, Austria, contemporary music, Philosophy in Music, Theology in Music, Mathematics in Music, chamber music, orchestral music, music for chorus and orchestra, music for solo singers and orchestra


The following interview with Austrian composer Werner Schultze presents the composer’s biography and artistic evolution. The composer describes his musical style, his interest in other disciplines, and his efforts to conjoin different branches of knowledge together with music and to give each one of them a musical interpretation. Thereby, his efforts result in such striking phenomena as “Philosophy in Music, “Theology in Music,” “Mathematics in Music,” each of these categories becomes realized by original highly-imaginative musical compositions, such as “Lull” (devoted to the medieval mystic Ramon Lull), “Schopfunggesange” (“Songs to the Creation of the World”), “Franziscus” (honoring St. Francis of Assissi), “Anchibasie” (devoted to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus), “Sokrates” (written about the life and death of Socrates, according to Plato’s texts) and many others.

Contemporary Composer

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