Music in the Space of Metaphysics (by the Example of the World Philosophical Heritage)

Keywords: music, metaphysics, meaning formation, philosophy, isomorphism of man and text


The article comprehends the issue of music as a metaphysics which determines the optimal environment for the formation of a personality marked by spiritual self-standing. The authorial concept is built on the basis of world philosophical heritage represented by the achievements of the East and the West. Solving in a step-by-step manner the issues of the general and the special in music and philosophy, in teaching and in education, the authors focus their attention on revising the concepts of “the philosophy of education”, “the philosophy of art” and “the philosophy of music”. Putting forward the assumption that if the philosophy of music is an experience of spiritual comprehension of the composer’s creation as a process of meaning formation, and the philosophy of art as a whole appears as a practice aimed at awakening the human practice in a person, then the philosophy of education can be considered as the
implementation of the indicated experience through each specific academic discipline. In the end, the authors conclude that the place and role of music in the formation of personality are determined not only by the goals of musical education, but are also directly related to the worldview orientation of the personality, laying the foundation for its holistic development and providing it with the opportunity to build its future according to the laws of harmony and beauty.

Dialogue of Culture