The Imperial Russian Musical Society in Crimea. Towards Researching its Activities

Keywords: Imperial Russian Musical Society (IRMS), pre-revolutionary musical life, Crimea, Yalta, Simferopol, Kerch.


The article examines the situation which
developed towards the present time in research
of the respective Sections of the Imperial
Russian Musical Society (IRMS) which emerged
in the pre-revolutionary period in Crimea:
Yalta (1905), Kerch (1905) and Simferopol
(1908). The topicality of setting of the problem
connected with the absence of specialized
research of the Crimean sections of the IRMS,
while the formation of the metropolitan and
other regional sections of the Society has
been studied in sufficient detail by Russian
musicologists, culturologists and local history
experts. The author of the article evaluates the
contemporary situation: Russian scholars have
created an overall methodology of research
of such phenomena, having elaborated the
necessary approaches towards integral
cognition of those significant phenomena of the
past as dynamic transition toward professional
academic musical life and education within
the framework of the entire Russian Empire.
The existent results are shown on concrete
examples, especially within the sphere of study
of the activities of the IRMS in Yalta. However,
the reason for the belated establishment in
Crimea of the respective sections of the IRMS
have not been disclosed. The description of the
musical performance life of Simferopol and the
utter absence of scholarly information on the
Kerch Section of the IRMS calls for an activation
of research by representatives of humanitarian

Towards the Anniversary of the Russian Musical Society (RMS / IRMS)