Amateur Piano Music-Making and the Ufa Section of the Imperial Russian Musical Society

Keywords: Ufa, music lovers, salon music-making, Society for “Singing, Music and the Art of Drama,” Imperial Russia Musical Society (IRMS).


The geographic position of Ufa, which
in the early 19th century was a deep province,
was not conducive to the development
of musical culture. However, we must consider
as an important element in its formation
the active spread of household music-making
and the wish of amateurs to participate in the
city’s concert life. The “Society for Singing,
Music and the Art of Drama” was founded
in 1885 in Ufa following the wishes of the city
The twenty-year-long existence of the
Society has left a considerable trace in the
development of musical education and the
exposure of the public to the academic genres
of the art of piano performance; it played
a significant role in the development
of musical literacy and the musical hearing
of the residents of Ufa.
In virtue of a number of existing social
reasons the Society was closed down, but
following the request of the most educated
part of the local nobility and intelligentsia the
Ufa Section of the Imperial Russian Musical
Society (IRMS). Having existed for only a few
years, until the revolution of 1917, it was able
to lead the art of music to a new, higher level.
Professionals with a higher musical education
were conducive to the further expansion of promotion of music with their concert
performances and teaching lessons in the
musical classes and enhanced the development
of the art of professional music in Bashkiria.

Towards the Anniversary of the Russian Musical Society (RMS / IRMS)