Musical Intonation: Concept, Sound Aspect, Semantics

Keywords: musical intonation, semantics, poly-semanticity, polymorphism, symbol.


The published material opens
with a cycle of lectures titled “Musical
Intonation.” The first of them illuminates
such theoretical issues as the concept
of intonation, the means of its sound
design (the constructive — the motive,
phrase, consonance, sound; the textural —
in monophony and polyphony),
and its semantics. Demonstration is made
of “objectivity,” manifested by intonation
(the figurative spheres of the Human Being,
World, Music). It is discovered that the spheres
of expressiveness are “modeled” in intonation
as such or in various combinations. Thus,
the semantic core of a larger component
of musical content is formed — the musical
image. The existence of musical intonation
in an artistic opus is mobile, which makes
it possible to characterize it as a poly-semantic
and polymorphic phenomenon.
The subsequent lectures will
demonstrate such aspects of musical
intonation as its genre-related
and stylistic properties, its aesthetic
and dramatic features, as well
as its ability to exist in a historical
and cultural context.

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