The Vasnetsov Dynasty: Small Details of the Great Heritage

Keywords: the Vasnetsov family, artists, Krasnodar Regional Museum, paintings, illustrations.


The article is devoted to the study
of the cultural trace of the Vasnetsov
family on the Kuban land, represented
by artists (Yury A. Vasnetsov, Elizaveta
Yu. Vasnetsova), career soldiers
(Nikolai A. Kuznetsov) and teachers
(Elena N. Shcherbakova). Based on
publications, archival materials stored
in the fund of the Krasnodar F. Kovalenko
Regional Art Museum, as well as their
own findings, the authors restore
the once-forgotten connections
of the famous name with the city
of Yekaterinodar (presently Krasnodar).

Russian Painting: Resourcefullness and Discoveries

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