“Musical Informatics”. Program of the Discipline for Visually Impaired Students

Keywords: Sergey Morozov’s authorial program, the visually impaired, musical informatics, music education.


Thereunder is a publication the program
of the discipline of “Musical Informatics”
devoted to the theory and methodology
of teaching student musicians with strong
visual impairments. The methodological
and content-rich components of study
of this discipline in the federal state-run
professional educational institution “Kursk
Music Residential College for the Blind”
of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
of the Russian Federation are presented.
The author of the article describes
the special conditions for realizing
the adapted program of the discipline
of “Musical Informatics,” the thematic
plan of the discipline, the methodological
recommendations for teachers who implement
the educational process within the walls
of the college, the hardware-software,
educational methodological and informational
support for the realization of the educational
process in specialized institutions the activities
of which are directed at education, upbringing,
rehabilitation and social adaptation of visually
impaired invalids.

Creative Pedagogical Workshop