The Principles of Organization of Career Enhancement Training Courses for Music Pedagogues in the Informational Educational Environment

Keywords: advanced training courses, music and computer technologies, electronic musical instruments, keyboard synthesizer, information educational environment.


The article examines the problems
in organizing course preparations
for a pedagogue musician’s, describes
the aspects of actualizing the programs
of career enhancement courses for specialists
from the system of supplementary education
for children.
One of the main conditions
for the organization of the courses
is the use of the technical means —
the computer and keyboard synthesizers,
since particularly they open up the access
to the necessary information, perfect
the process of education and expand the forms,
possibilities and technologies.
The content of the supplementary
professional programs of the career
enhancement training courses correspond
to the contemporary tendencies of development
of Russian education and make it possible
to use effectively the opportunities
of the informational educational environment.
The programs are developed with consideration
of combining traditional musical education
with innovational technologies. At the same
time there appears the interdisciplinary
integration: music — scholarship —
informatics. Knowledge in the sphere
of informational-communicational technologies
is used as a tool for perfecting the instruction
of the courses: mastery of the content
of the material on the basis of utilization of the object environment and the present-day
pedagogical technologies, including computer
musical technologies and electronic musical

Music Education