The Genre of Marine Painting and its Varieties in the Works of the Artists of the Primorsky Region

Keywords: painting, marine genre, subgenres, marine painter, seascape.


The article examines the work of artists
of the Primorsky Region who created art works
at different time periods and in different styles,
in their own manner in various subgenres
of the sea landscape, as well as those related
to the marine theme. The author of the article
analyzes the simplicity and complexity
of visualizing the image of the sea wave in their
works and makes a classification of the genre
of marine painting and proposes paths
of further development of the chosen theme.
Examination of the peculiarities of perceiving
the nature of the sea by artists working
on seashores (conditionally — “seashore
artists”) and professionally working at sea
makes it possible to elucidate the differences
in the visualization of the sea element
on the dimensions of their canvases
and to penetrate more deeply into the semantic
essence of the imagery of “sea inspiration”.
These differences can in no way be signs
of the superiority of some artists over others —
they are merely different philosophical
and psychological approaches
to the implementation of personally endured
sensory-logical experience in their works,
which in general constitutes the enduring
wealth of the artistic maritime culture
of the Russian Far East.

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